Quota Work Visa

Quota work permits are for specific job categories recognised as being in short supply and classified as scarce skills in South Africa. The Department of Home Affairs issues a list of professional categories and occupational classes together with an annual allowable quota of the number of work visas which can be issued in those categories, thus the reference to the term Quota. Included in the quota categories are teaching, engineering, crafts and tradesmen, research and science professionals.

Applicants for any category of quota work permit need to have a minimum of five years work experience in the specific job category applied for together with relevant qualifications certified by the South African Qualifications Authority. Depending on the job category, registration with the South African governing industry body is required. LISSA will assist applicants with the qualifications certification and registration requirements, if applicable.

Applications for quota work permits are to be submitted to the nearest Embassy, Consulate or representative office of the Department of Home Affairs. Once issued, the individual is free to enter South Africa and secure employment in the field the quota work permit was issued in.
Once a quota work permit holder has secured employment, a copy of the offer of employment is to be submitted to the nearest Home Affairs office within 90 days of receiving the permit. Changes in employment are similarly to be notified to Home Affairs.

A quota work permit is open-ended and remains valid as long as the person remains employed in the same professional category as it was applied for.