South African visitors permits for less than three months, a renewal, visa exemptions and “work authorisations”

(a) A South African visitors permit may be issued to a foreigner to enter South Africa for leisure or business for a duration not exceeding 3 months provided certain financial guarantees are complied with in respect of his or her stay in South Africa.

(b) Upon application a visitor’s permit may be renewed for one further period of 3 months.

There are many countries that are visa exempt which will entitle those foreigners of certain designated countries to enter South Africa for a specified duration of normally between 30 to 90 days. An exempt status will allow a further renewal of 3 months which would then take effect upon expiry of the underlying exempt period.

(c) A visitor’s permit, termed the section 11(2), allows certain “work authorisations” to foreigners who are required to conduct short-term work assignments and will be endorsed into such permit and would also permit one further renewal of 3 months.