During the Course of a 7 year career as an Immigration Attorney, Legal Immigration Service has helped over 2000 people obtain both Temporary Residence and Permanent Residence as well as various permits and Citizenships. We would like you to feel confident using our services, here is what some of our clients have to say about our Service:
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Nikita Gaidouk | Flash Poets Photography
I made a phone call, came into the office, and a month later I had my Permit. No money can buy the amount of stress I avoided with Home Affairs.

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Rodger Stevens | IT Soulutions
Remarkable Service, LISSA knew exactly how to handle my case! I was kept updated and received my permit exactly on the estimated time.

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Jonathan Richards | Elle Magazine
Very professional and knowledgeable consolations helped me discover the possibilities that I never though possible. Thank you for making my Permanent Residence so seamless.

Easy, Fast, Affordable and Transparent, Dealing with LISSA was a seamless experience, they are very knowledgable and provide easy to follow instructions. As a result I would only do business with them again.

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[heading]Some of our Clients include[/heading]
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