Employer Corporate Permits

[heading]Employer corporate permit[/heading]

A Corporate permit is applied for by an employer needing to bring into South Africa skills in short supply.
Examples could be industry specific such as employees needed in the oil and drilling industry, qualified engineers or skilled artisans in technical fields, global call centres or customer service centres requiring foreign language speakers.

Instead of applying for a work permit per individual employee, the employer company can submit an application to the Department of Home Affairs requesting permission for a number of pre-approved work permits to be issued for specific job descriptions or skills. These type of applications need to be well motivated and require support from the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Labour and any other relevant industry body.

If approved, the Department of Home Affairs issues Corporate Worker Authorization Certificates to the employer. The employer can then recruit suitable candidates from abroad for the available positions. The candidate  hands in a request to the nearest South African Embassy or Consulate containing his or her personal documents and the authorization certificate issued by Home Affairs.

Processing time of these types of work permits is generally quick and hassle free allowing for a more predictable staff recruitment process, time-line management and starting dates.