General Work Visa

General Work Visa South Africa

A general work visa for South Africa can be valid for up to five years, is renewable and is specific to a single employer and position and is renewable. This is often an ideal visa for a candidate who has special skills which are not listed under the Gazetted ‘critical skills’ list.

The general work visa is suitable for a candidate where a South African citizen or permanent resident cannot be found to fill a position which has been advertised in the national media. Additionally, the employee, with the assistance of the employer, must receive confirmation by the Department of Labour that there is not a South African citizen or permanent resident who can fulfil the position. This requires a site visit to the potential place of employment, copies of CVs of the rejected applicants with explanations as to why they are not suitable to the job and an additional advertisement on the ESSA database.

General work permit South Africa requirements

Although often considered the ideal visa for working in South Africa, there are various requirements that must be considered – and successful – before an applicant will be able to submit their application for consideration.

Here at LISSA we will first consult with you to see whether a general work visa is a viable option for you. If we believe that the Department of Labour will give a recommendation for you to be employed – we will then assist you with obtaining all the necessary documentation to provide to both the Department of Labour and the Department of Home Affairs.

Our service includes follow-up on all applications until finalisation of the application process.