Expedition Of Pending Or Temporary Residence Applications

(Beyond 8 Months And Or Appeals Over 30 Days)

Legal Immigration Services is often called upon and instructed to assist on visa or permanent residence applications, or pending appeals, that have taken too long to be adjudicated.

We would institute steps against the DHA to immediately attend on the pending matters to bring relief to our clients.

We do so by engaging with our lawyers who prepare court papers to expedite and facilitate finality of the pending applications and or appeals. For the client it is a simple process as we prepare the court papers that simply need to be signed off the client in order to launch. Upon signing of the court papers the client would rely on us to approach the courts and bring relief. The client would not be required to attend on court.

In most cases, the DHA would settle the cases and the relief would then be obtained in a short time-frame and thus an end is obtained to the impasse and delays.