Permanent Residence Permit

A permanent residence permit will be granted to a foreigner who is able to meet the requirements as set out in either Section 26 or 27 of the Permanent ResidencyImmigration Act. The Department of Home Affairs does not look at an individual’s application holistically, so they will not combine and consider how many years an applicant has been in the country studying, working or in a spousal relationship.

Rather, there are various categories for permanent residency and an applicant must pick one category for their application. Section 26 and 27 allows for permanent residency on a closed list of categories, which are based on work, business, familial relationships and retirement.

It is important that the correct category is chosen, as an application for permanent residency should take between eight to twelve months, but can take longer if there is no intervention to expedite the application.

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South African permanent residence requirements

An application for permanent residence must be submitted in person and if done within South Africa, through VFS Global. The application

will need to include an apostilled copy of an applicant’s unabridged birth certificate, original police clearances and medical and radiology reports.

Once an application for permanent residency is approved, an applicant is obliged to apply for a South African identity book, which will give an identity number. Many find this document extremely helpful to have, especially if looking for financing from the banks to purchase a house or vehicle.

Here at LISSA we are happy to discuss what options an applicant has available to them, it may be that there is more than one category applicable. We will assist to compile a complete set of documents for submission and assist with submitting the permanent residency application to VFS Global.

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