General Work Visa

Also known as General work permit this category of work visa is a motivated request to the Department of Home Affairs showing that a suitable local candidate was not found after advertisement in the national media.
The qualifications of the future employee need to verified by the South African Qualifications Authority allowing a comparison to be made with the South African NQF grading framework. We at LISSA will assist by submitting this request on behalf of the applicant and obtaining the relevant certificate.

The candidate’s skills and work experience are confirmed by letters of reference, testimonials or certificates of service.
A comparison to local remuneration levels in the specific job position by recognised institutions needs to be included in the work visa application. This will be arranged by us at LISSA as part of our service provision. A general work permit can be issued for a duration of up to five years and is renewable. The work visa is employer and position specific.

Employers holding a corporate permit are not restricted to employing individuals under that scheme only. Required staff and positions not included in the corporate permit can be covered by any other class of work visa.
We at LISSA will provide clear information as to required documents for this type of application and after obtaining relevant certifications, compile the work visa application ready for submission to the nearest South African representative office of Home Affairs.

Our service includes follow-up on all applications until finalisation of the application process.