immigration lawyers cape town

Immigration lawyers Cape Town

Legal Immigration Service has simplified the process of immigration to South Africa through its years of experience, accomplished lawyers and technical abilities.

LISSA is a highly respected, dynamic and forward thinking consultancy consisting of acclaimed  immigration attorneys in Cape Town that are committed and passionate towards its clients’ needs.

Let us take care of the South African laws, the legal paperwork and Home Affair queues and overcome our Home Affairs’ lack of efficiencies in processing lead times to allow you to spend your invaluable time focusing on other areas of your intended stay in this vibrant community and opportunity-filled economy.

We are of service to foreign individuals and families, corporates, law firms, engineering and construction industries, fishing and marine concerns, hospitality, recruitment and financial concerns that seek to validly enter, remain and work in South Africa in line with their short and long term residency aspirations.

At LISSA our consultants are qualified South African immigration lawyers, held in high regard by their peers within the industry, and have consequently contributed towards shaping and informing the immigration laws applicable today.

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Immigration consultants Cape Town

[v_icon color=”#cc0000″ size=”12px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-arrow-right-3″]Affordable and Cost- Effective

First and foremost, we at LISSA strive to provide the best rates to our clients.

We understand what requirements are to fulfilled by our clients in order to procure any permit within the immigration laws in South Africa.

Based on our superior knowledge and expertise we are promptly able to ascertain what permit is required in which circumstances with which associated requirements thereby the shortest possible timelines to prepare and submit any visa or permit application which in turn eliminates delays and thus reduces time and thus charges.

We advocate highly professional and specialist services at negotiable and flexible rates that will provide a high degree of value-for-money offering. There are many unscrupulous agents overcharging and under-performing and we remain open and transparent in our quoted rates.

Moreover, we will allow our clients to retain a portion of the fees as a sense of guarantee against our services and quality driven results which will only be payable after the permit is procured as our service promise to our clients.

[v_icon color=”#cc0000″ size=”12px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-arrow-right-3″]Qualified South African Immigration Lawyers and Consultants

Our immigration consultancy comprises of leading and acclaimed South African immigration lawyers and consultants, which results in our clients receiving superior legal immigration advices and services to ensure the quality of offering is unmatched and quality assured at fair and reasonable rates.

Success in any immigration permit or visa application is determined by the quality and professional inputs in the advisory and consulting phase to ensure that the quality and substance of the application for an immigration permit or visa is right first time to avoid either delays, or, worse still, a rejected outcome, which will no doubt impact adversely on the plans to relocate to South Africa.

We have an impeccable success rate in all our immigration permit applications, which is attributed directly to our status as precise, technically assured and experienced immigration consultants and lawyers at the cutting edge of the industry.

[v_icon color=”#cc0000″ size=”12px” target=”_blank” name=”moon-arrow-right-3″]Trusted and Professionally Assured

LISSA or Legal Immigration Service South Africa is a highly respected, dynamic, trusted and forward thinking immigration consultancy with an unrelenting commitment and passion towards our clients in all our dealings.

As qualified professionals we remain honest, ethically driven and transparent. We are committed to an oath of integrity and devotion to our clients. This is why we are comfortable adverting and displaying our rates and fees so as to ensure that our dealings are fair and transparent at all times.