South African Corporate Visas

Section 21 – Corporate Visa

A South African Corporate Visa is issued to a corporate applicant i.e. the corporation operating a business in South Africa and wishes to employ a large number of skilled foreign workers as opposed to an individual person.

As in the case of the Business and General Work Visa, the process in acquiring a South African Corporate Visa approval from the DoL and the DTI before an application can be made at the DHA.

The Corporate Visa is only issued for 3 years and renewable. It is arguably too cumbersome and time consuming for large corporations wishing to invest and start up in South Africa, which is unfortunate. Moreover, the actual workers that are sought to be employed in South Africa are additionally expected to be critically skilled, which further renders this category prohibitive and unpopular.

Each foreigner worker employed under a South African Corporate Visa is defined as a corporate worker and is required to be in possession of an authorization certificate as proof of employment by that South African corporate visa holder after being accepted as critically skilled.

The acquisition of a South African Corporate Visa is challenging and it is recommended to speak to us at Legal Immigration Services to explain the process and risks before embarking on such a plan of action.