Permanent Residence For Foreigners With Exceptional Skills

Section 27(b) – Exceptional Skills category

The Exceptional Skills Permanent Residence Permit category is very popular even though it has changed dramatically since the change in our immigration laws in 2014.

It will now require an applicant to demonstrate critical skills per the requirements above in the form of SAQA, if required, Professional Body confirmation of skills, confirmation of skills or qualifications in the form of 5 years post qualifications experience with corroboration by a comprehensive CV, supporting testimonials and references.

In this category the requirement of a permanent contract of employment is not required.

Note: There is a waiver for those foreign applicants who have graduate from a local South African learning institution with critical skills to eliminate the need to show the above typical requirements set our above.

Note: The Department of Home Affairs has failed to properly consider the Exceptional Skills category for permanent residence for applicants who are exceptional or extraordinary in their professional endeavors but do not fall with the critical skills list. This failure on the Department  thus disqualifies professional sportspersons, accomplished writers, world class designers, notable artists or the like to qualify for exceptional skills. There is an obvious failure in the appreciation and talents of those individuals who fall outside the critical skills list and is contrary to the stated intentions of the immigration laws.