South African Medical Treatment Visas

Section 17  – Medical Treatment Visas

South Africa offers world-class medical facilities with outstanding private hospitals and treatment centers together with highly trained and skilled medical professionals.

This makes South Africa an attractive destination for medical treatment, whether related to urgent and highly technical medical surgeries or treatments where their own medical facilities are sub-standard, or those who seek medical rehab services for certain addictions or there are those who are able to make luxury travels to South Africa for certain cosmetic treatments and recover and return to their own countries once fully recovered.

It is for these reasons that foreign applicants see South Africa as a prime destination for Medical Treatment Visas. It is important to appreciate that such Medical Treatments Visas can be applied for once in South Africa, having entered on a normal Visitor’s Visa for tourist purposes as opposed to the option of applying abroad before coming to South Africa.

The Medical Treatment Visa are issued up to six months and may be renewed depending on the ongoing medical needs.