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LISSA prides itself in being a professional and cost-effective service to assist with all of your immigration needs.

As experienced immigration lawyers, attorneys and consultants, we are a team which is committed to providing clients with unmatched immigration advice with service tailored to you. We understand that not every case is the same and so we pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know you and your specific needs.

We at LISSA remain the only immigration consultants in South Africa that consists of an immigration team led by highly experienced and qualified immigration lawyers in South Africa and consultants who have built the firm’s reputation on cutting edge and robust results driven services combined with core ethical and professional values expected of trained legal immigration consultants.
Our core area of expertise is that of inbound immigration into South Africa and the acquisition of all South African temporary and permanent residence visas. From short term 90-day work stays, visitor’s visa extensions, study and retirement visa’s, to more technical work such as business and corporate visa’s, and of course permanent residence visa’s which requires in-depth knowledge of, and the ability to navigate through, the immigration laws of South Africa.
Most importantly, as qualified lawyers we are able to ensure that all visa applications are finalised within the shortest period of time possible. In the event of unreasonable delays in receiving the outcome of visa applications we can proceed with litigation to impose sufficient pressure on the Department of Home Affairs to finalise outstanding applications, thereby ensuring the outcome within a reasonable period of time from submission.

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Legal Immigration Service is South Africa’s most professional and efficient visa consultancy service.
We are committed to providing our clients with flexible and transparent fee structures thereby guaranteeing the most cost-effective and affordable visa consultancy service in South Africa.

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