Legal Services

In addition to the acquisition of South African temporary and permanent residence permits and visas, our South African immigration lawyers offer a number of select legal services all dedicated to specific immigration related matters as well as administrative and constitutional law interventions.
These legal services therefore include:

  • Waiver Applications
  • Legalisation and Regularisation Attendances
  • Representations & Appeals
  • Unlawful Arrest and Detention
  • Magistrates Court Attendances
  • High and Constitutional Court Attendances
  • Strategic and Consultancy Advices

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Typical Case Studies:

Review & Appeal Attendances / High Court Litigation / High Court Class Actions / Outstanding Permits

  • Client applied for a temporary residence, receives a receipt of submission of the application and the permit is still pending after more than 3 months.
  • Client applied for a permanent residence, receives a receipt of submission of the application and the permit is still pending after more than 8 months.


Rejection of Application for Temporary or Permanent Residence

  • Client applies for either temporary or permanent residence and finally receives a letter of rejection advising that the application is denied with written reasons.
  • Client submits an internal review request or appeal and no response is forthcoming   and finalization is required.


Interventions & Attendances on the Immigration Enforcement & Magistrates Courts

  • Client overstays his or her expiry of permit and either wishes to depart South Africa without risk – immigration officers wish to enforce rights under the immigration laws to arrest, detain or deport or issue fine and order to leave or charge the foreigner as a criminal office.
  • Client overstays but wishes to renew or change his status whilst still remaining in South Africa.


Civil Ligation – Damages Action

  • Foreigner has been civilly wronged by Home Affairs and he or she wishes to ascertain his or rights of prospects of success and extent of damages as a result of such conduct by Home Affairs.


Corporate Relocation and Strategic Consulting

  • Client wishes to relocate a branch of formally establish a large office in South Africa with the intention of employing large numbers of foreign staff to enter, work and depart South Africa in the most efficient manner.


Waiver or Exemption Applications

  • Client is able to present good cause to acquire permanent residence base don a special circumstance.
  • Client wished to conduct business with large foreign staff numbers and certain key personnel require work permits without supplying all the legal requirements for good cause.
  • Client wishes to establish a business but does not have the financial equivalent of R2.5 million to invest into the business and a waiver is sought to condone the non-compliance of the monetary requirements.
  • Our immigration lawyers therefore offer such legal services based on our extensive experience and right of appearance in both the Magistrates and High Courts to pursue any matter in South Africa at competitive rates.