My child was born in South Africa and we’re not South African

Every now and then, a baby is born in South Africa to parents who are temporary or permanent residents. If a parent is not a South African citizen, the child is not a South African, despite being born in the country. However, they are entitled to a status. When a child is born in South Africa, they are born without a passport or visa, which means that for all intents and purposes, the child is born illegal. If they were to leave once obtaining their ... Read more

Reasons Why the Act and New Regulations are Unworkable

Since the passing of the new Immigration Regulation Act of 2014 here in South Africa, there has been much debate as to whether it brings more solutions than it does problems. However some parts of the new Immigration Act are simply unworkable, and here is why: BUSINESS VISA s.15(1) of the Act “Subject to subsection (1A), a business visa may be issued by the Director-General to a foreigner intending to establish or invest in, or who has established and invested in, a business in ... Read more

Why use an immigration lawyer to assist with your applications for temporary and permanent residence?

Why use an immigration lawyer to assist with your applications for temporary and permanent residence? When I moved to South Africa 9 years ago I embarked upon the process of applying for a work permit myself. I had numerous years of university education behind me and was a qualified lawyer in the UK so I thought it would be pretty easy. I’d heard the horror stories surrounding the Home Affairs queues, their level of customer service, or lack thereof and the delays, ... Read more

Section 11 Visitors Permit “Work Authorisations”

Section 11 Visitors Permit "Work Authorisations" A South African visitors permit is, by definition, a permit allowing the holder to visit the country on a leisure type basis. Those wishing intentionally to work in this country should of course apply for a South African work permit, rather than a South African visitors permit. There is however a level of uncertainty that is catered for when it comes to the intentions of a Visitors permit holder. Often visitors who do not qualify for any form of ... Read more