Definition Of “Spouse” And Residency Rights For Foreign “Spouses” as Per South Africa’s Immigration Laws

Craig Smith, an accomplished and well known Attorney specialising in Immigration Law and based in Cape Town has drafted  an article outlining the definition of the term “spouse” as it pertains to South African Immigration Law and the application by foreigners for a south african spouse permit.

South African Immigration Laws are extremely inclusive when it comes to the requirements that need to be met to apply for a South African spouse permit. Considered to be exceptionally progressive, our immigration laws openly recognise not only customary or traditional marriage, but also same sex relationships and civil partnerships. For this reason it is important to pay attention to the definition of the term “spouse” within South African Immigration Law, as this may well include relationships that might, in other countries, not be considered for application approval.

The article deals not only with the definition of the term “spouse” within South African Immigration Law, but also with case studies and amendments that have been made within the constitution recently to allow for the recognition of the spousal rights of foreigners whose partners are either South African Citizens or whose partners re in possession of permanent residence permits.

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