New immigration laws hinder foreigners with working permits

We have a solutions, we can help. Being a foreigner working in another country is already a great sacrifise. But when the government looks to be clamping down with out putting laws in place or even announcing anything publicly, then living in South Africa with your new family and job can be really scary. June was recently on Cape Take Radio, spreading the word. Making sure every one knows what is going on. Click on the link below to see the article on ... Read more

Reasons Why the Act and New Regulations are Unworkable

Since the passing of the new Immigration Regulation Act of 2014 here in South Africa, there has been much debate as to whether it brings more solutions than it does problems. However some parts of the new Immigration Act are simply unworkable, and here is why: BUSINESS VISA s.15(1) of the Act “Subject to subsection (1A), a business visa may be issued by the Director-General to a foreigner intending to establish or invest in, or who has established and invested in, a business in ... Read more

Definitions for the term “Spouse”: South African Spouse Permit Application.

Definition Of “Spouse” And Residency Rights For Foreign “Spouses” as Per South Africa's Immigration Laws Craig Smith, an accomplished and well known Attorney specialising in Immigration Law and based in Cape Town has drafted  an article outlining the definition of the term "spouse" as it pertains to South African Immigration Law and the application by foreigners for a south african spouse permit. South African Immigration Laws are extremely inclusive when it comes to the requirements that need to be met to apply for a ... Read more

Temporary Residence Applications: Outstanding Documents

Temporary Residence Applications: Outstanding Documents Submitting a temporary residence application can be a tricky business. While all the necessary documentation is listed and explained during the process of application for all South African temporary residence permits, the logistics of accumulating all required documentation can often be tremendously challenging. Police clearance, unabridged marriage or birth certificates and South African Qualifications Authority Assessments can all take weeks if not months to attain, and this can seriously hinder application processes. There are however allowances that have been built ... Read more

Section 11 Visitors Permit “Work Authorisations”

Section 11 Visitors Permit "Work Authorisations" A South African visitors permit is, by definition, a permit allowing the holder to visit the country on a leisure type basis. Those wishing intentionally to work in this country should of course apply for a South African work permit, rather than a South African visitors permit. There is however a level of uncertainty that is catered for when it comes to the intentions of a Visitors permit holder. Often visitors who do not qualify for any form of ... Read more