Temporary Residence Applications: Outstanding Documents

Submitting a temporary residence application can be a tricky business. While all the necessary documentation is listed and explained during the process of application for all South African temporary residence permits, the logistics of accumulating all required documentation can often be tremendously challenging. Police clearance, unabridged marriage or birth certificates and South African Qualifications Authority Assessments can all take weeks if not months to attain, and this can seriously hinder application processes.

There are however allowances that have been built into sections of the South African Immigration Act that might benefit applicants struggling with the practical difficulties of procuring all the necessary paperwork for their temporary residence applications. Whilst written into the constitution, these clauses are relatively unknown except to those with extensive experience in South African immigration law. They are however fully applicable to many applicants and bare consideration.

Craig Smith and Associates offer a brief article outlining the various ways in which to overcome the obstacle of missing or delayed paperwork. The article provides the reader with information and advice on how to apply for exemption, dispensation or a simple extention on the submission of certain types of paperwork during the process f temporary residence application.


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