You can apply for a Work Authorisation on a Visitors Permit

Section 11 Visitors Permit “Work Authorisations”

Section 11 Visitors Permit “Work Authorisations”

A South African visitors permit is, by definition, a permit allowing the holder to visit the country on a leisure type basis. Those wishing intentionally to work in this country should of course apply for a South African work permit, rather than a South African visitors permit.

There is however a level of uncertainty that is catered for when it comes to the intentions of a Visitors permit holder. Often visitors who do not qualify for any form of temporary residence may still wish to partake in short term or temporary work activities while visiting the country. For this reason “work authorisations” can be granted on a South African visitors permit, despite this not being a work permit in and of itself.

The circumstances in which a “work authorisation” will be granted on South African visitors visa are however, extremely specific and should be properly considered before this type of application is made to avoid abuse of this particular allowance.

If you would like more detailed information pertaining to the  visitors permit “work authorisation” allowances you can click here to read a very thorough article that can be found on the Craig Smith & Associates website.







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